Every context demands a different approach to leadership. 

Leadership is contextual, and the leader you are today may need to be different to the leader you need to be tomorrow.

As we work with others to find paths through different contexts we need to be able to adapt our skills and leverage different leadership skills as we do so.

Use the tool below to find out which leadership skills you need to thrive, create impact and deliver success as a leader in the context you are in right now.

The three context dimensions you will be looking at are the authority you hold, the capabilities of those around you and the variability of your environment.

All you need to do is answer three simple questions to find out what leader you need to be.


Drag the slider along the three scales below to describe the impact leadership context you need to respond to, then click the button at the bottom to find out what sort of leader you should be!

Who has most control over what you are trying to achieve?

Position the slider along the scale



How capable are those you need to work with to achieve it?

Position the slider along the scale

Not capable

Very capable

How stable is the context you are working in?

Position the slider along the scale

Very stable

Very changeable