Are we being failed by leaders?


Wherever we look there seems to be a leadership gap. Politicians are falling short, organisations are not understanding their responsibilities, and communities are being ignored.

It is hard to not be disappointed in those who take on the role of providing direction, guidance and structure in the world we all live in.

Politicians who are blind to those they represent. Business leaders who pursue personal wealth above all else. Organisations which prey on the communities they serve. There are too many stories of bad leadership out there to keep our confidence alive.

Faith in leaders is not an ideological or political question – on all sides we see people come together in disappointment that the leaders they have around them are less than the leaders they should be.

Leadership becomes a tactic or a way to create power rather than a way to genuinely enable communities, countries and industries to be better and achieve more.

The phrase “we get the leaders we deserve” gets repeated, but the truth is we deserve better. Leadership is not a game to be played, it is the most powerful tool we have to make ourselves ready for the future.


When the world gets complex, leadership is the only thing we have to keep us standing.

So, what leadership do we deserve? That’s what The Leadership Deficit is all about. It’s about finding out what we want our leaders to be, do and achieve. It’s about creating ideas how leadership should and can happen.

It's about inspiring ourselves individually and collectively to become the best leaders we can be so we can build the future.

Are you ready to fix the leadership deficit?

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