Here is your vision for a better world

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Hi there. Can I tell you what I dream of doing?

My vision is to witness the implementation of the Nigerian Government passing and executing the bill which will mandate the legislation of Free Access to Quality Education in Public Schools from the ages of 7-18.

It's all part of making a better world.

Having an educated populace in Nigeria benefits the African Economy and thus, the world as they contribute to the global economy.

This is really going to help people.

The impact of my vision will be mainly felt by mainly young children and adults living in Nigeria: male and female, lower class or middle class, the able and disabled.

It's not just about having an idea though - here are the things I know I can achieve:

A higher percentage of literacy with the 15-30 demographic in Nigeria

A higher percentage of employed youths in Nigeria

A more well developed nation : economically and socially

I'm going to make this happen, and this is how I know it'll make a difference.

I will know I have achieved my vision when young children and their parents know that it is their right to be educated and education will give them to opportunity to escape poverty and hinder their opportunities for sustainable growth in life.

Thanks for listening to me. Will you help me build a better world?