Here is your vision for a better world

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Hi there. Can I tell you what I dream of doing?

I want to get as many people as possible to have solar panels on their roofs. It is said, that solar energy is the best way to become an independent and eco-friendly electricity-producer. That is why, with keeping the future generations in mind, I would like to encourage people to invest in solar panels. Clean air and clean energy.

It's all part of making a better world.

In order to slow down the effects of climate change we need to act right now. There is no other way of dealing with it than using energy from reusable sources. Using what mother nature gives us endlessly every day is the crucial change we need to implement to become neutral for the environment.

This is really going to help people.

The impact of my vision will be felt by everyone. Including current and future generations. It is not the question if but when we will feel the side effects of climate change all around the world. We need to act now in order to save the future.

It's not just about having an idea though - here are the things I know I can achieve:

solar panels on the roofs

people aware of the damaging effects of climate change

people aware of their impact on the surroundings

I'm going to make this happen, and this is how I know it'll make a difference.

When I see the government acting on climate change in a serious way. Financing or co-financing the costs of solar panels for thousands or millions of households. It needs to finally be taken seriously, not just as donations for a greater cause.

Thanks for listening to me. Will you help me build a better world?