Here is your vision for a better world

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Hi there. Can I tell you what I dream of doing?

I want to design a policy idea that will ensure the cleaning (remediation) of crude oil contaminated soil and water systems in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

It's all part of making a better world.

My policy will inform the federal government of Nigeria on the importance of developing best remediation approaches for severely degraded and polluted sites in oil producing communities of Nigeria. My policy idea will improve the socio-economic, environmental and health of indigenes of crude oil spill affected areas.

This is really going to help people.

The impact of my vision will be mainly felt by the indigenes of crude oil producing communities, federal government and oil firms. It will also benefit farmers and fishermen whose sources of income depend of fertile soil and aquatic lives.

It's not just about having an idea though - here are the things I know I can achieve:

Increased access to clean water and soil

Improvement in health conditions of people and aquatic lives in the affected regions

Improvement in the environmental and socio-economic conditions other affected regions

I'm going to make this happen, and this is how I know it'll make a difference.

I will measure the success of my vision by conducting field trips, conducting interviews from the affected people whether or not there is positive change in the condition of their environment. From this, I will know if intensified action is required or not.

Thanks for listening to me. Will you help me build a better world?