Here is your vision for a better world

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Hi there. Can I tell you what I dream of doing?

I want the world to achieve food security, but starting from my community, state and home country. I want farmers to produce enough to feed the world, themselves and still have so much more for those who cannot afford it.

It's all part of making a better world.

The world will no longer have people living in hunger. Even people in refugee camps have surplus food, hunger and starvation will no longer be a theme in any country of the world.

This is really going to help people.

The impact of my vision will be mainly felt by poor people who cannot access food all round the year, those in refugee camps, those farmers who farm extensively and yet have food shortages before the year runs out.

It's not just about having an idea though - here are the things I know I can achieve:

More capable manpower because no one is suffering from hunger that they cannot work productively

The percentage of people who die yearly because of hunger and starvation will be drastically reduced or totally eliminated.

The second SDG of having food security and sustainable agricultural practices would not be a theme or problem needing solutions in the world a anymore, because the world would be living and feeding fi

I'm going to make this happen, and this is how I know it'll make a difference.

When the percentage of people dying from hunger yearly reduces, when the economic state of farmers is improved, when refugees are no longer referred to as 'the hungry', when evidence and data can be shown that even if farmers do not farm in the next decade he world will not be hungry, I'll be certain that I've achieved my vision.

Thanks for listening to me. Will you help me build a better world?