Here is your vision for a better world

Well done! You now have a foundation for taking your ideas forward.

To help you out, your vision has been turned into a pitch that you can start using straight away - print or save this page so you can keep and use it...your first chance to share it is coming up in the next step of the programme.

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Hi there. Can I tell you what I dream of doing?

As a vision achiever is to facilitate being able to See, the ability to think about or plan the future.
* Become more driven to inner satisfaction.
* Maintain balance in life.
* Think in the long term
* Have myself a guide for decisions.

It's all part of making a better world.

Achievement: An award for completing a particular task or meeting an objective.
* The right to work as part of the government, not as a politician.
* To become more reliable in the society.
* Ability to let people see the different in you.

This is really going to help people.

The impact of my vision will be mainly felt by the organization of the less-unprivileged people, to gain the right of freedom in the country. Most important thing to teach people how policy can be of advantag to their life's.

It's not just about having an idea though - here are the things I know I can achieve:

Consistency: ability to be asserted together without contradiction.

Authority: the power or right to give orders, make decisions and enforce obedience.

Consensus: decisions making is a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement between all members of a group.

I'm going to make this happen, and this is how I know it'll make a difference.

The moment I put very thing in action, people learn from me and understand that life has made huge difference in me. With social media is easy to share all what I have learnt here, in a way i can transform people potential.

Thanks for listening to me. Will you help me build a better world?